investigation and improvement

Independant Investigation and Expert Improvements

We've all heard the saying "can't see the forest for the trees."  The concept of being too close and familiar with something that you fail to appreciate the reality of where you are (and equally importantly how to navigate your way out) is a crucial and omnipresent barrier to success.  

The good news is that our coaches at MBL are REALLY good at giving independent perspective and feedback about even the most difficult, high-stakes and sensitive of issues.  We have world class investigative and improvement training (Lean, 6 Sigma Master Black Belt and Black Belt Accreditation) which when combined with our mentoring superhero skills create a powerful force.

Ways in which we can help;

  • Serious Incident Investigation
    • Even good systems, processes and protocols sometimes fail.  We can conduct discreet, independent investigations and report unbiased concise findings and recommended actions for improvement.  We can help when;
      • Someone was hurt on the job.
      • There was a serious near miss that could have had significant consequences.
      • An important customer is unhappy. 
      • Staff morale, employee engagement and talent retention is low. 
      • Consistent complaints to management or Unions (grievances) 

  • Complex / High Consequence Issues
    • Our accredited Master Black Belts and Black Belts lead your people in solving complex issues using best practice frameworks such as the 6 Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control.)  Not only will you have resolved a key issue or improved a key process, our coaches will increase the improvement skills set of your team. 

  • Ethics investigations
    • Sound ethical practices are crucial to employee engagement  and business longevity.  The news cycle is full of widespread examples of where discrimination, harassment, legal and  regularly compliance violations, bullying, conflicts of interest and conflicts of interest  has gone unaddressed.  Global expectations of basic ethical standards have increased and continue to evolve.  As members of society and as business leaders we need to work hard to prevent ethics issues and even the potential perception of them.  When issues are alleged or we need to take swift and decisive action to understand causal factors and put robust solutions in place.