Jo Knight Dutkewich

Founder, CEO & Lead Consultant: Strategy, Transformation & Leadership

Following a highly successful 20 year career as a ground breaking female Senior Leader with some of the worlds most prestigious brands (including Rolls-Royce Plc. - not the cars.. and Jaguar Land Rover,) Jo decided to pursue her passion of helping organizations and individuals to thrive and pursue greatness.  

With the vision of building a world class progressive management consultancy Jo founded May Bird Leadership.  Born Joanna May Bird, she named the company in honor of the progressive values of her parents and in the spirit of growth and flight.

Jo is a staunch advocate for human rights, equality, social justice and the pursuit of greatness.  She believes greatness is attainable by all, not just the select few.  Fascinated and inspired by people and culture she has lived and worked throughout  Canada and the US, the UK, Europe and South America in senior leadership positions in; aerospace, energy, defence, automotive, marine, law, consulting & corporate and private training. 

A self described "improvement person"  Jo holds a BA (Hons) in Business and Quality Management and an MSc. in the Management of Excellence.  She is an accredited Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (business and process improvement), certified Lead Auditor and Investigator and a certified Leadership Coach & Facilitator. 

Jo is a skilled strategist, business leader, consultant, coach, facilitator, curriculum developer, key note speaker and trainer.  The improvement projects and initiatives she led have generated multi million dollar increases in profitability, saved multi millions of dollars in cost, vastly increased customer satisfaction, increased health and safety, reduced environmental impact and improved employee engagement.  

Most importantly to Jo is the common feedback from clients that they find "a safe harbour" in her guidance which helps them to perform highly and achieve  "life changing realizations and results."  


I High Performance Culture I Strategic Transformation I High Performance Mindset I Business Improvement I Lean Six Sigma I Human Resources I Business Planning I Facilitation I Team Building I High Performance teams I High performance coaching I Executive Coaching I Life Coaching I Personal Growth I Management Systems Implementation & Compliance I Leadership Development Training I Indigenous Peoples Development I Custom Curriculum Development I  Investigations & Improvements (Customer Issues, Health & Safety, Ethics, Diversity & Inclusion)



Lead Consultant: Organizational Psychology

Edric understands people, in fact he's an expert.  He understands why people think what they think, feel what they feel and do what they do.  Edric understands what holds people back and most importantly how to help people, teams and organizations to move forward and thrive. 

The world is changing and studies show that emotional intelligence is a far better predictor of success than IQ.  Psychologically informed solutions are crucial for high performance. 

Progressive solutions are what Edric does best.  He holds a MA in Counselling Psychology and a BA in Psychology & Applied Ethics. In addition to being an authority in the human psyche he is an experienced leader and manager.  This combination of expertise and leadership acumen makes Edric highly effective in designing and delivering transformational organizational interventions and high performance programs.

Edric is a passionate advocate of diversity and inclusion having worked extensively in support of society's most vulnerable including the disabled, at risk youth and multi barriered individuals.  He understands the impact trauma can have on thinking and specializes in delivering client centred emotionally informed solutions.

With MBL, Edric helps organizations to support and enable their people to perform at their very best.  


Modern Mental Health I High Performance Mindset I   

Occupational Health & Wellness I Modern Mental Health    I Multi barriered individuals development I Indigenous Peoples Development I Clinical Counselling I Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) I Executive Coaching I Multicultural awareness I Diversity & inclusion I Custom Curriculum Development I


Carol carter

Lead Consultant: Human Resource Management & Communication

International award wining public speaker Carol is a "people-in-the-workplace" solution specialist, consultant and facilitator.  She is a well known and recognised authority within British Columbia, Canada providing HR / talent consulting and leadership development training to organizations and businesses.  Carol is passionate about inspiring people to  become their greatest selves and enabling them to bring their "A game" to the workplace. 

Carol knows that acceptance of mediocracy is an ever present barrier to high performance.  An experienced HR, management accounting and leadership professional she is an expert in assessing needs and analyzing gaps.  She works closely with clients to provide strategies and programs that create valued adding long lasting results.   

A strategic, big picture thinker, Carol knows how to deliver practical, client centred bottom line results. She helps organizations and businesses to succeed through their greatest resource – their people. With MBL she develops and delivers targeted, efficient, effective and exciting training, mentoring and coaching programs for all levels of the organization. 

Carol is an active champion of women in leadership and multicultural diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 


I Human Resources Management  I Leadership Development I Public Speaking I Women in Leadership I Effective Communication I High Performance Culture I Multi Barriered Individuals Development I Indigenous Peoples Development I Custom Curriculum Development



Lead Consultant: Business Improvement & Lean Six Sigma

For Gavin Jones improvement is a way of life.  Through business leadership and lean six-sigma roles he has delivered substantial bottom line business benefits and coached employees at all levels of the organization from the executives in board rooms to operators on the factory floors.  

A keen world traveller, for the last 20 years during his highly successful career he has lived and worked in Asia, the USA and Europe.  Gavins  experience spans multiple sectors including automotive, aerospace and professional services with Rolls-Royce Aerospace, Jaguar Land Rover and SMEs. 

Gavin holds an MBA from the prestigious Warwick Business School, a BEng in Mechanical Engineering (CEng) and is a certified Master Black Belt in Lean Six-Sigma.  He is a qualified ISO Management Systems  lead auditor and an accredited corporate trainer.

Gavin has mastered the art of helping clients to see how aligning process improvement to strategy can identify the right bottom-line breakthrough opportunities.  His clients rave at how they have benefited from his pragmatic and sustainable solutions that fit their needs and pace in support of their goals. 


I Business Improvement I Lean Six Sigma I Project Management I Team Building I Executive Coaching I  Business Planning I Facilitation I Management Systems Implementation & Compliance I Leadership Development Training I  Investigations & Improvement  I Custom Curriculum Development I UK & Europe Lead I 


Shannon Staples

Lead Consultant: Occupational Health, Wellness & Vitality

Shannon has always been fascinated with how the human mind works and what gets in the way of us living the life we really want. Like most of us living the human experience Shannon had her own life struggles with self-doubt and health issues but the real shift happened for her the year her son was born and her father committed suicide.  Her process of healing from the trauma of loss is at the root of her passion to  help people and organizations to be happier, healthier and perform better, in a practical, forward-focused way.

Shannon has been working in the field of personal growth and psychology for over 25 years and considers health, wellness and vitality consulting / coaching her true passion.  She thrives on helping organizations and individuals to forge paths to their goals and create their ideal lives.  She is an experienced business owner, entrepreneur and coach.  She holds numerous qualifications and certifications including; counselling, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), life coaching, nutrition, and counseling-hypnotherapy. 

With MBL Shannon leads programs that focus on increasing vitality - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  She works closely with organisations, business and individuals to create long lasting wellness and associated efficiency gains.  


Shannon understands that health, wellness and vitality are crucial to high performance.  In her experience, most people know what to do to be healthier and more productive but don't take consistent action and struggle with making lasting change.  Shannon helps clients to establish improvement plans that overcome underlying patterns and mental blocks, and keep them focused and motivated to take action


I Modern Mental Health I  Trauma Focused Solutions I Mental Wellness in the workplace I Clinical Counselling I Occupational Health & Wellness I Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLPI Life Coaching I Personal Growth I Custom Curriculum Development


Joao iNACIO Freitas jUNIOR

Lead Consultant: Entrepreneurship & Financial Freedom

Tri-lingual Joao can do anything and he believes that others can too.  He quite literally walks on hot coals for fun! The former Rolls-Royce Marine senior manager combines his extensive leadership, engineering, financial and project management portfolio with his Master Coach skillset to offer clients world class strategies and solutions for high performance.  

Joao holds a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering and numerous qualifications in leadership development, finance / management accounting, project management, customer service provision and business and process improvement.  He is certified as a Master Coach and has lived and worked throughout North America, South America and Europe.

Joao is passionate about social change through financial freedom and by empowering and uplifting youth.

With MBL Joao leads our entrepreneurial and financial programs.  He works extensively with leaders,  executives, entrepreneurs and teams.  He is a skilled coach, trainer and key note speaker.  


I Entrepreneurial Mindset I High Performance Culture  I Project Management I Business Planning I Facilitation I Team Building I High Performance teams  I High performance coaching I Executive Coaching I Life Coaching I Leadership Development Training I Young Peoples Development I Custom Curriculum Development I  Brazil & South America Lead I



Lead Consultant: Career & Personal Development

Deanna is passionate about people and progress.  She is proud to be a client centred solution-focused coach, facilitator and consultant.   Deanna understands the difficulties life brings and knows from knowledge and experience how to overcome obstacles and thrive.  While navigating her own path of marriage, divorce, parenting, career change (and life in general), Deanna learned to embrace acceptance, establish respectful boundaries, and challenge self-limiting beliefs. Through taking action to get unstuck and move forward, she created clarity, direction and momentum in her life and career.


Deanna understands that when  we begin taking steps towards creating intentional change in our life it enhances  not only the relationship which we have with ourselves, but also the relationships we have with those around us: at home, at work and within our communities.

With MBL, Deanna helps clients to  cultivate high performance  in all domains - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and develop their capacity  for personal leadership.  Deanna has high business acumen from her time in the financial industry and is a certified Facilitator,  Leadership and Life Coach, Conflict Resolution Specialist and Psychometrics Canada Assessor ( including Myers-Briggs - MBIT).   


I MBTI Type Assessments I Psychometrics I Modern Mental Health I Mental Wellness in the workplace I Career Coaching I Leadership Development I  Conflict Resolution I Occupational Health & Wellness I Multi Barrier Individuals Development I Indigenous Peoples Development I Life Coaching I Personal Growth I Custom Curriculum Development