Carol carter

Lead Consultant: Human Resource Management & Communication

International award wining public speaker Carol is a "people-in-the-workplace" solution specialist, consultant and facilitator.  She is a well known and recognised authority within British Columbia, Canada providing HR / talent consulting and leadership development training to organizations and businesses.  Carol is passionate about inspiring people to  become their greatest selves and enabling them to bring their "A game" to the workplace. 

Carol knows that acceptance of mediocracy is an ever present barrier to high performance.  An experienced HR, management accounting and leadership professional she is an expert in assessing needs and analyzing gaps.  She works closely with clients to provide strategies and programs that create valued adding long lasting results.   

A strategic, big picture thinker, Carol knows how to deliver practical, client centred bottom line results. She helps organizations and businesses to succeed through their greatest resource – their people. With MBL she develops and delivers targeted, efficient, effective and exciting training, mentoring and coaching programs for all levels of the organization. 

Carol is an active champion of women in leadership and multicultural diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 


I Human Resources Management  I Leadership Development I Public Speaking I Women in Leadership I Effective Communication I High Performance Culture I Multi Barriered Individuals Development I Indigenous Peoples Development I Custom Curriculum Development