Lead Consultant: Career & Personal Development

Deanna is passionate about people and progress.  She is proud to be a client centred solution-focused coach, facilitator and consultant.   Deanna understands the difficulties life brings and knows from knowledge and experience how to overcome obstacles and thrive.  While navigating her own path of marriage, divorce, parenting, career change (and life in general), Deanna learned to embrace acceptance, establish respectful boundaries, and challenge self-limiting beliefs. Through taking action to get unstuck and move forward, she created clarity, direction and momentum in her life and career.


Deanna understands that when  we begin taking steps towards creating intentional change in our life it enhances  not only the relationship which we have with ourselves, but also the relationships we have with those around us: at home, at work and within our communities.

With MBL, Deanna helps clients to  cultivate high performance  in all domains - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and develop their capacity  for personal leadership.  Deanna has high business acumen from her time in the financial industry and is a certified Facilitator,  Leadership and Life Coach, Conflict Resolution Specialist and Psychometrics Canada Assessor ( including Myers-Briggs - MBTI).   


I MBTI T Assessments I Psychometrics I Modern Mental Health I Mental Wellness in the workplace I Career Coaching I Leadership Development I  Conflict Resolution I Occupational Health & Wellness I Multi Barrier Individuals Development I Indigenous Peoples Development I Life Coaching I Personal Growth I Custom Curriculum Development