Lead Consultant: Organizational Psychology

Edric understands people, in fact he's an expert.  He understands why people think what they think, feel what they feel and do what they do.  Edric understands what holds people back and most importantly how to help people, teams and organizations to move forward and thrive. 

The world is changing and studies show that emotional intelligence is a far better predictor of success than IQ.  Psychologically informed solutions are crucial for high performance. 

Progressive solutions are what Edric does best.  He holds a MA in Counselling Psychology and a BA in Psychology & Applied Ethics. In addition to being an authority in the human psyche he is an experienced leader and manager.  This combination of expertise and leadership acumen makes Edric highly effective in designing and delivering transformational organizational interventions and high performance programs.

Edric is a passionate advocate of diversity and inclusion having worked extensively in support of society's most vulnerable including the disabled, at risk youth and multi barriered individuals.  He understands the impact trauma can have on thinking and specializes in delivering client centred emotionally informed solutions.

With MBL, Edric helps organizations to support and enable their people to perform at their very best.  


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