Lead Consultant: Business Improvement & Lean Six Sigma

For Gavin Jones improvement is a way of life.  Through business leadership and lean six-sigma roles he has delivered substantial bottom line business benefits and coached employees at all levels of the organization from the executives in board rooms to operators on the factory floors.  

A keen world traveller, for the last 20 years during his highly successful career he has lived and worked in Asia, the USA and Europe.  Gavins  experience spans multiple sectors including automotive, aerospace and professional services with Rolls-Royce Aerospace, Jaguar Land Rover and SMEs. 

Gavin holds an MBA from the prestigious Warwick Business School, a BEng in Mechanical Engineering (CEng) and is a certified Master Black Belt in Lean Six-Sigma.  He is a qualified ISO Management Systems  lead auditor and an accredited corporate trainer.

Gavin has mastered the art of helping clients to see how aligning process improvement to strategy can identify the right bottom-line breakthrough opportunities.  His clients rave at how they have benefited from his pragmatic and sustainable solutions that fit their needs and pace in support of their goals. 


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